Part #2. My Running Journey

Stafford Runner Store Manager, Tracey Spivey offers some insight into her journey from an initial 5km to the 'Race to the Stones' Virtual Ultra Marathon.

My marathon training has commenced and I’ve increased my weekly distance to 50 miles, incorporating road and Cannock Chase runs. Hills have definitely never been my favourite but the more I’m doing them the easier they’re becoming.

Hill training has been proven to build speed, strength and endurance. The muscles grow stronger which improves your stride. This particular article has proved to be a really useful tool as I progress.

The first few weeks were going really well. I focused on keeping my pace steady when running and also added some strength and conditioning work in on the days that I wasn’t running and was feeling good.

However, week 5 was a different story. I was finding every run really tough and more of a chore than a time for enjoyment. The following week I only managed to do 8 miles and felt like I’d lost my mojo and motivation, panic set in that I wouldn’t be able to continue with my training, losing productivity and therefore not be marathon ready!

After a pep talk from my fab running buddies, they told me to listen to my body and rest, reassuring me that taking some to recharge is just as beneficial as training. I gave myself a few days of doing nothing at all and actually felt so much better for it. With the training back on track I felt stronger and more positive.

Image by My Sports Photos.

As part of my running challenges for the year I also booked two back to back 10km races. If you’ve read my previous blog, you’ll know that almost all of my runs are MAF runs which lead me to get a PB for my 10km. So after another year of steady running I was hoping to do it again over the weekend. My target was to get 49 minutes or just under.

On Saturday I ran 10km in 47.24 and Sunday I ran 10km in 45.55, as you can imagine I was absolutely buzzing! Those MAF runs really do work for me and obviously gave me an extra boost to continue with the marathon training.

It’s 3 weeks now until the first of the two marathons. Race info has been received and the nerves are now kicking in and the realisation of what I’ve let myself in for!

I’ll let you know how it goes after I’ve finished them both. Fingers crossed for me, folks.


Here is an interesting article if you are thinking of trying to run slower to make you faster here.

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